[Research] Social Trends in Mobile Entertainment

Slides of Amy Jo Kim's talk at the Game Developers Conference: The Network is the Game: Social Trends in Mobile Entertainment

Social Trends in Mobile Communications 1.Mobiles stay connected to their social network via cellphone 2.Mobiles self-organize into fluid, loose-knit groups 3.Mobiles seek out quick, casual entertainment experiences 4.Mobiles love to share & discuss photos with their friends 5.Location is an integral part of mobile identity

My focus is headed towards the last statement :) She wrote that

Location is an integral part of mobile identity - Cellphone is an intimate, always-with-you device that’s an extension of your physical presence & style (e.g. skins, ringtones, phonestraps) - Current location is relevant for communicating with intimates (via SMS or LBS) - Mobile users can bridge the virtual and physical by connecting with someone in their area (e.g. chatting, flirting, gaming) Mobile services starting to incorporate location into their offerings (e.g. Ulocate, Imahima)

She also took 2 examples: Saw You and Mogi. She tried to envision social games of the future. She expects to see more games that integrate Location/presence awareness tool + self-organizing groups + player-created content: Photo-sharing networks+Photo Games & Puzzles (Photo Jigsaw puzzle most popular •mind game on shockwave.com) + Social Rating Systems (Points awarded for photos that are viewed/rated highly by others)