[Research] C3: location based service for kids learning

C3 (Children in Choros and Chronos) is greek project about location based service for kids learning:

focuses on the spatio-temporal cognition of small children. The project aimed to design and implement - in real school environments - educational activities that raise the spatial awareness and thinking flexibility of children, help them develop specific skills like map reading and (model) constructing, navigating and wayfinding. The learning process is seen as situated in social collaborative settings characterised by involving the children in the acting out of stories involving people’s belief systems, aspirations, intentions. The development of individual activities incorporated a “scenario” in order to situate the activities in a context understood by the children, for instance involving people, their intentions, feelings, aspirations. The scenarios involved a variety of activities such as explorations, experiments, games, tasks, and puzzles. They also necessarily involved some kind of construction, (i.e. a map, an agent path in this map).