(Prospective) Media Online: Be Linkable or Die

I defintely agree with Dan Gillmor and Mary Hodder that news organizations should think many times before they "protect" their content with Digital Restrictions Management technology. "You're nothing online if you're not linkable," she says.

Users, if they have trouble opening the article, sending it to friends and family or saving it indefinitely, all of which is annoying, will abandon the information because using it doesn't reflect the social norms they understand with fair usage of news content. (...) Who links to the Wall Street Journal? In Technorati, they have 354 links compared with the NYTimes at 39,412 and the Washington Post at 21,319. Who do you think has more authority online? The paper with premiere content in it's niche and 600,000 online subscribers, and a lovely firewall? Or the paper of record. Now imagine losing that authority with the DRM you wrap around your articles.

You're nothing online if you're not linkable.

That's why I think technorati is the future.