[Space and Place] New trend: mapping biodata and location stuff

Read in the geowanking mailing list:

I am trying to connect some of my own bio data - electrical skin resistance (GSR) with GPS data. My homemade bio sensor sends numbers via serial to my laptop at 10 second intervals and I can certainly download some waypoint data from the Garmin GPS.

But how can I use 'Time' to later sync the two sets of data together and then visualise the whole thing on some nicely detailed maps of London?

The answer was:

Syncronizing the two means that you will end up with data that looks sort of like this:

lat, long, time, GSR

If you sent me a GPS track log and a GSR file I'd be happy to write a little perl script that would spit that out for you.

Presenting that data on a map opens up a world of possibility. The short answer is that there are lots of tools, and most of them are more tedious then one would think that they should be...

I've been working on a perl module called Geo::Track::Animate that creates animations of track logs.

Here is a sample: http://www.testingrange.com/geotest/ride2work.swf