[Weird] Spam poetry

Yet another spam poetry stuff:

map end experience motion south tight ill taste produce feeble whip boat pleasure coat start early milk behavior neck smoke jelly driving make wise living shame framegarden umbrella bit order gun young sun pump water question noise great weight pocket blade front safe room medical natural

V 1 . C . O . D . I . M here


amount place voice different attack place salt land body tin curve almost hospital snake help hospital private line size sea land cart bridge bell prison than society sky have shelf committee step soap mouth long earth off curtain camera bite morning free morning use net frequent shame credit sponge mountain glass early blood thing free second shirt noise military of secret brass square way ball pidyjw xhrsar mdoidm twbmmc ynjqxo jlshsn ufliic noohmr buvckf itmsfh auhvav kxyxnp chfdeb ogcaco hxyjth tfnhdo senuou svjkel gcjpai trhqwx dmfvtv kqwdpg vtefxn xwwuqh qfntts nqlxkk csvxmb moblna hhvxol jgjyxx ikgkec