[Prospective] e-learning is still shitty

I was reading some stuff about e-learning and m-learning (a buzzword for mobile learning). It seems that the authors does not really understand what is learning:

Imagine a pharmaceutical sales representative preparing to meet with a client. While he waits for his meeting to start, he uses his personal digital assistant for communications and e-learning. With the information accessible to him, not only does he stay up-to-date on the market issues essential to his position, but he also receives regular notification from message boards, news portals and his employer. (...) The PDA buzzes in his pocket. This time, the notification tells him his competitor just released a new pain medicine that will compete with the drug he is selling. (...) He can receive "just in time" information, such as a notification the moment his company gets governmental approval for one of the new drugs he is trying to sell. (...) This is the future of learning(...)The situation outlined above is based on a capability called "profiled notification.

Come on guys you call "learning" receiving information on your pda ! It seems that nobody learnt from e-learning errors. Of course the paper gives some crazy IDC crap numbers (billions on something).