(Research) (area)code: location awareness app

Things at futuresonic seems to be more and more appealing. This application named (area)code is promising. It is an sms mapping system which reveals personal memories and the hidden histories behind 5 key sites in Manchester city centre.

(area)code is one of the first systems to use sms and the ubiquitous mobile phone to locate information in specific places. (area)code invites you to collect and reflect upon your immediate environment, and enables new forms of engagement and information exchange between person and place, Developed for Future Sonic (area)code aims to inspire comments about the affect of urban regeneration in the city. Manchester has been an important trade centre since the Industrial Revolution through to today’s manifestation as a retail and leisure boomtown. How do such changes affect our lives? Do we feel involved in the decision making process or do you find your life has to alter to fit these new urban spaces?