(Weird) When Cluedo meets Warhammer40k

For W40K fans like me who played at Space Hulk, Tyranid Attack and so forth, it's alway refreshing to see that some people have crazy ideas like mixing cluedo and space crusade. Check the rules ! And turn Colonel Mustard into an aggressive space marine !

Cluedo Crusade resulted from the somewhat unlikely pairing of 'Space Crusade' and the long-running children/family who-dunnit boardgame by Waddingtons called 'Cluedo' (in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand etc) and 'Clue' in the USA. 

Subtitled "Bloodbath at Tudor Court", it is the 'brainchild' of one Stephen J Wells,and essentially involves the detective game beginning normally, but on the third die roll of a 6 "the forces of Chaos break through the fabric of space to destroy the Earth.  Split-seconds later, time-shifted Starships lock on docking claws and elite Imperial Space Marines storm in".  Each of the Cluedo characters then commands a troop of Space Crusade figures - Miss Scarlett [pictured at right] the Blood Angels, Reverend Green the Orks and Gretchin, etc. - pause for rolling of eyes ... !