(Blogging) Blogging and Gilles Deleuze

I already talked about the fact that I do not believe in social software (link) and I do prefer using each other's blogroll as the actual networking tool. I explained that it is because I am more interested into what people do (directly explicit in weblogs) than what people are. Last week end, while watching "L'Abécédaire" by Gilles Deleuze, I was amazed by the fact that he claims something close to that statement: he said that he prefer going to the movies, art exhibition than going to symposium or conference. He said this because he is more interested into "meeting" artefacts made by people than just meeting people. Each of these artefacts are of interest because they could foster new ideas and help him to modify his thinking. I think it's the same with weblogs: they are an explicit description of what people do, that everybody can read, watch and be aware of.