(Space and Place) Communectivity Workshop in Gent

These days, there is the Communectivity Workshop in Gent.

This workshop will explore modes of collaborative information and data exchange systems in local and public spaces. It will focus on how individuals can become both distributed and localized participants in shared experiences that can exist city-wide or on a personal scale. The idea is to work on a single project or theme by splitting participants into groups and working collectively. The workshop will take place over four days, include an initial day of introductions, brainstorming around specified topics, and overview of budget, technologies available, expertise of participants and more. The second day we will build a “quick and dirty” prototype to test, provide justification for the project, and give short internal presentations. Day three will involve building a more robust version of the project and have a working version ready for deployment. The final day will be to install the project and collect initial reactions to the piece by people who might use it or see it. Finally, each group will give a more formal presentation of their project in a forum open to the general public.