(Video Games) Workshop about games and social network

This workshop will occur the September 6th 2004 at University of Leeds, organized by John Halloran, Geraldine Fitzpatrick and Barry Brown

This workshop brings together researchers and professionals interested in the social potential of online multiplayer computer games. These games support complex social networks which are both large or small, ad-hoc or pre-organised. This workshop addresses how these networks support connections between players and new forms of social behavior and interaction.

The topics are really interesting:

- What influence do different game genres (e.g. ‘first person shooters’, role-play games, race games) have on social interaction? - How can the emerging mobile and ubicomp games support sociability? - What connections are made between social interactions online and off? - What interactions do games have with the wider culture?  How do games interact with wider social activities? - How should games be studied? What kinds of data capture and analysis are important? What are the ethical issues and how should they be addressed?

I am wondering about some potential contribution...