(Research) Locative Media Communities

Locative Media Wishlist drawn after the Futuresonic workshop:

Hands-on plus practical application plus interaction works well connecting canadians who didnt know each other before, in manchester "research confabs" new collaborative projects? - more time to work on the same thing a bit more virtual / physical meetings volunteering and exchanging resources? possible connections with academic-industry new media centres biometric mapping projects - christian, rich g base units for mass-accessible biometric collaborative mapping projects workgroups - organise ourselves into common themes, formally or informally • urban planning • e-government / policy intervention • comparison / cross-labelling maps between different cities (DMG) • drawing / GPS art • social networking / metadata / collaboration • wifi - wherefi interconnections • locative literacy / schools projects / awareness hardware, software http://resourceforge.net/ software repository archives, sharing vocabularies locative list / geowanking RIXC publications mapping projects, their state of development, problems they are approaching - compare our shared and different understanding of the works. mobile bristol website - different openguides huddersfield university 'conference' - networking together different locative efforts means of support, local and interproject consume.net revival, mobile networking stuff 'whereami' - placelab, etc presence, both virtual and physical glancing, street-level tools, networking existing physical communities rather than distributed ones ala dodgeball conspiracy theories, paranoia industry interconnections - intel, nokia, etc. academic funding for educational-collaborative projects - links with universities mobile / location - mapping basestations mapping cellids - central database of phone masts collabmapped - open base stations - illegally put-up basestations without planning, identifying - reclamation of public airwave space schools work could be interesting and beneficial for all - specialist domains are often outsourced, if we can identify needs and objectives - but may have to be contained in schools grounds - field trips 'cultural wandering' 35 ways.... this is a big money industry! carving out space for ourselves and providing it to others ... listing interesting institutions - corp, govnt, acad lobbying - finding paths into influence - knowing who knows in the network - rob van k RFID activists

I like the idea of structuring the 'scene' into different workgroups. I think that could be explicited on the locative website. Especially with a publication section and event section (notes taken at event could be put here) as well as an open repository for leaving notes.