(Weird) http://metanurb.dk/msn.asp


Okay, I will start out, we are a bunch of msn users (not proud, but we do use it), which HATES ugly and insanely long msn nicks, it shouldnt even be called a nick, as its some qoute or whatever it is. Its almost a whole book some people are writing there, its unacceptable, STOP IT!!! Just write your nick, or your real name, so people actually can see who they are communicating with. Its really not that cool talking to "it was a cool vaccation i had, i hope my vaccation next year will be as cool", or: "the evil only wins if the good stands by and look". Please contribute to the against stupid msn nicks campain, and add this image:


to your web page, or add this url: http://metanurb.dk/msn.htm to the end of your msn nick, AND make sure only to have your nick or real name too.

mmmh, I dont really have long msn nick but I do appeciate to express my mood in them...