(Research) Good Event: Social Capital: forms of interaction

Nice event: Social Capital: forms of interaction at the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY. I hope there will be some note put on the web :)

This group exhibition brings together contemporary artists who make the complexities of social relations the subject, material, or form of their work. Responding to contemporary societal conditions, some artists consider the influence of new technologies on human connections, while some explore the effects of cultural difference and geo-politics. Others orchestrate situations in which viewers interact directly with the artwork or with one another, forging a community within the space of the gallery. Considered together, the artists in Social Capital present various models of human interaction, encouraging viewers to reflect critically on their own positions within different social networks.

Participating Artists Include: caraballo-farman  |  Andy Deck  |  Renée Green  |  Ingo Günter  |  Jens Haaning, Emil Hrvatin & Peter Senk  |  Mark Lombardi  |  Mongrel  |  New No York, Lyn Rice, Ben Rubin & Lisa Strausfeld  |  Santiago Sierra  |  16 Beaver Group, Sociable Media Group MIT  |  Luc Steels  |  Elaine Tin Nyo  |  Rirkrit Tiravanija, Fernanda Viégas & Marc Smith