[Research] Location awareness, handheld and US army

Thanks outils froids for pointing on this interesting fact:

The soldier is the "smartest" sensor on the battlefield, observed Lt. Col. Steve Iwicki (USA), deputy director of the U.S. Army's Task Force Actionable Intelligence. His task force is looking at "how do we connect the soldier to the network."

The Army plans to deploy a hand-held intelligence gathering and communication device that would allow each soldier to receive situational awareness information as well as transmit battlefield reports. (...) Northrop Grumman has developed a prototype of the hand-held device. (...) Based on experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army has learned a number of lessons regarding the collection and dissemination of intelligence in three areas: tactical information colelction, battlefield reporting and national intgelligence.

That is really true: decentralized situation are interesting task for mobile and locative media studies.