[Event] NotCon04 stuff

NotCon'04 conference was held yesterday. This wiki proposes stuff about this: IRC logs, worst blogposts... About lifehacks, notes taken by cubic garden:

Interetsing talk looking at peoples (supergeek) desktops. Got Paul fords, Google geek, Eric thingys, etc. Getting into why we should use command lines more over GUI's? Mainly people use cmds to talk or use another machine from one machine. People still use todo.txt? Wow no complex apps, what a revelation - not...Interesting enoght a guy from xml.com prefers txt to tagging. Incremental search useful feature for todo.txt, works in Vi, Emacs, Mozilla etc...Bleeding into OS to launch apps People trust notepad programs over large apps. Now were going into using one more app for everything. Cory likes email, some like excel (are they nuts?) one nutter (dom lancaneter) love postscript. Ok now were talking about the private blog? Using a blog to talk to themselves, hands up myself. Plod software for mass blog apps. I'm quite happy with my route of using wblogger at the moment. Interesting about private rss feeds. have to question why private?

Now Dan is looking at secret software. Things the geeks have, random sig generators, netscape killers, ssh foo and mail wrang ling. Syncing apps, people didnt trust isync, activesync, etc. most built around rsync unix standard. Boilerplates often used through-out the supergeeks. Interesting app on KDE which shows you the files which are using space futher down your tree. Interesting no one writing much cross appliication automation, no geeks writing it. People love webscaping, agree with that... Ah at long last, people like to make it public. Edd Dumbhill has a interesting quote about giving away ideas which i should copy here really.

Cory Dotorow's notes are here.