[Research] The Combat Survivor Evader Locator

Via starhill, Boeing's Combat Survivor Evader Locator;

The Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) communication system is more than just a hand-held radio. CSEL provides a complete system solution, including secure digital message communications, Global Positioning System (GPS), line-of sight (LOS) voice and the full spectrum of radio and ground equipment interfaces required to work with your existing search and rescue systems.

The CSEL multifunction hand-held radio is specially designed for easy, intuitive use. Unique communication and message encryption prevents signals from being intercepted, and 21-day battery life provides crucial contact for extended periods.

The Team Boeing solution is based on a flexible, modular communication architecture providing multiple satellite links for dependable, secure (LPI/LPD) Over-the-Horizon (OTH) communications; LOS voice communications; global geoposition; navigation, and beacon functions. The CSEL architecture meets near-term requirements, while assuring flexibility for future growth, and enhancements, including migration to a commercial satellite solution.