[Tech] my life hacks

I am not a programmer, those geek hacks are just meant to show my strategies to work more efficiently:- I put everything in text files, with this format: topicDATE.txt (example: for a meeting with pierre on june, 4th 2004 it is pierre06042004.txt) - easy to search (metadata are in the title) - easy to reuse the content (cut and paste) - email is textfile - contact list and todo list in texfie (more safe) - information retrieval is THE issue - I use SubEthaEdit (or xemacs if I use a PC) - I do blog: research journal + funky stuff: for me first as well for others as far as it is human readable. I put there all my ideas, publications, notes so that other people that might be interested could use this stuff. - I use XML standards RSS, FOAF for describing content. - I do backup on a regular basis (applescript that put the files on a ftp server) - I write out my goals (in order to compare several months after what I did to what I wanted to do) - my web aggregator is THE INTERFACE to knowledge (through RSS feeds) + to my timetable - I use lots of simple tools: - google - technorati (who linked me) - wikipedia - dmoz.org - wordnet: http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/~wn/ - ... - secret software: - I use synchronization scripts for updating my timetable (with phpcalendar) or for backuping (upload applescript) - I log my AIM/MSN/MOO conversation