[MyResrearch] Mobile Data Analysis

Interesting paper, though in french, from M. Zouinar, M. Relieu, G. Calvet and P. Salembier about a new methodology to analyze collaborative mobile activities and multimodality. Here it is about some PDA activity.The starting point is that current ethnological methods are not that adapted as depicted by those two pictures: It is too difficult to preserve the natural aspect of the activity while you are watched by two persons with a digital camera. That is why the authors proposes to use, apart from the logfiles (where all activities done on the PDA are captured), special glasses augmented with a camera. So that researchers could have a subjective view of the user: what he is doing on the PDA screen, with the stylus. They still film the guy doing its activity. Then they have two viewpoints: contextual view (filmed with the camera) + subjective view (filmed with the camera-glasses). The methdology is hence simple: Analysis/Transcriptions/Coding/Self-confrontation.