[MyResearch] CatchBob! logfile + analysis

The template might be something like: time|x:y|author|action|arrival point author: A, B, C action: refresh or message if message, the arrival point is the coordinate of the point recommended by X.

Here is an example: 12:28:32,587|533289:152499|A|messageC|533289:152499 12:29:32,587|533289:152499|C|messageA|533289:152499 12:32:02,389|533275:152512|B|refresh

From this, we can compute: - game duration - path length of A, B, C and for the whole group - number of refresh per person + frequency - number of message per person (then (a)symetry among the group) + frequency - redundancy of place position: if X went in a place where Y already went (maybe we shoudl discretized) - if X obeyed to Y's recommendation ? (acknowledgement rate) - the number of rooms that each participant searched - the number of rooms that all the participant searched - overlap: number of rooms at leat 2 partners searched - backtracking: number of times one partner entered a room they had already entered