[Prospective] A mobile phone web different from the computer web?

Interesting paper in the International Herald Tribune about the reluctance of developers to make Web pages for mobile phones adhere to the same principles as those for computers.

...the proposal in March from a handful of mobile phone companies, including Nokia, to create an address for Web pages accessed by cellphones and other portable devices.

In their thinking, the ".mobi" ending of Web addresses would indicate that the site is phone-friendly, just as an ".edu" address indicates that the page comes from an educational institution.

But Berners-Lee doesn't want to divide the Web into sites for some devices and not for others. He argues that most top-level domain names, like .com, .mobi and the others, create different "webs" for different people, counter to the ideas of decentralization and openness at the heart of his creation.

Berners-Lee proposes solutions like using conditional stylesheets (one for the computer web, another one from the mobile web)