[Research] Today at our seminar: Hiroaki Ogata

I am attending a seminar by Hiroaki Ogata, Ph.D., University of Tokushima. The presentation is entitled "Computer Supported Ubiquitous Learning for Language Learning"

This talk will present a computer supported ubiquitous learning (CSUL) environment, called CLUE. In CLUE, three sub-systems have been developed. The first one supports sentence learning, with which learners provide their own experiences about the language learning in their everyday life, share them in the community, and provides the right expressions in the right place at the right time. To facilitate collaboration between learners, knowledge awareness map is proposed. The map visualizes the relationship between the shared knowledge and the current and past interactions of learners. The second system is a Japanese polite expressions learning environment, which provides learners the appropriate polite expressions deriving the learner's situation and personal information. The third system supports vocabulary learning, which detects the objects around learner using RFID tags, and provides the learner the educational information. This talk will discuss the design, the implementation and the evaluation of those systems.