[LifeHacks] More life hacks

Other people describe their life hacks here:

- when I find a new piece of info online ask myself "do I need to read this, bookmark this, research this, add it to my aggregator, contact this author, pass it on, or something else?" and then DO that - jam all news into the rss aggregator - I keep a piece of paper in my pocket of words/ideas/concepts I want to research more later [possibly google, possibly popdex, possibly library of congress, possibly my library] - I keep post-its on pages in the books I am reading for the same purpose - I keep a piece of paper in my pocket as a calendar for this same purpose when I am really busy - calendar contacts on iPod = one less gadget to carry - I group my bookmarks onto my toolbar by purpose. So I have separate toolbar folders for "links to add" "stuff to read" "blogs I read" [subfolder for ones in the aggregator] "social networks" "scripts and bookmarklets" "to do" The more of my life that is wired, the more that I want things fewer clicks from wherever I'm sitting - I allot specific time to data cleaning during the week [adding addresses to address book, messing with MP3 filenames and sorting, clearing stuff off the laptop desktop, getting rid of old buddies from the buddy list, making sure my email filtering is working like it should, archiving old bookmarks, organizing uploaded photos] so I don't have to do it all at once when I need to find something - two words: tabbed browsing. it's gotten to the point where even then small wait in point-wait-click is too much waiting. load pages simultaneously, check email in the shell while you wait.