[Weird] the onion's editor interview

Interesting interview of the onion's editor Carol Kolb.

HB: Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnell once tried to describe the "fine line between clever and stupid"; you guys seem to have no problem staying on the side of the former, though. Is it hard to be consistent? Do you guys ever get negative feedback from readers, despite your distinct lack of a "letters to the editor" section?

CK: Sure, it's hard to be consistent. I can't say how much we are. I hope we do okay. We get tons of emails and quite a few letters. I don't usually read them, mostly because I don't have the time. We do get quite a few negative ones. But I don't know, one will say the latest issue was the worst thing ever, and the next will say the same issue's the best in months. I think we find new readers and the ones that get sick of what it is move on to something else. That all makes sense to me.