[Misc] The title is important!

Two days ago, I mentionned the importance of blogposts titles. I now read on Pierer Carion's blog (in french) somehting related: book titles should be carefully chosen. The author takes nice example of books about Jacques Chirac (for those who don't know he is the french president, the one who screams 'zis is provocachionne'): when you type 'chirac' in amazon.com, you get some anti-chirac novel (those are very interesting). Carion's point is that policians in France are so old season that they think the back of the book is more important. No guy! It's the title... Still another metadata related thing ! The TITLE EMBEDS METADATA! It is the simplest metadata thing. But I do believe it is the most important. I name all my notes with location and dates or participants. For instance, a meeting with my phd supervisor would be pierre06242004.txt (yes I like .txt files). Applied for books, this would be strange of course, lots of poetrical meaning could vanish, but I am sure something could be done!

Of course, this blogpost is messy, I feel sorry for that.