[Research] Navigation and Landmarks

Via social fiction, Topographic Landform Interpretation Experiment, A geo-referenced walking work at Racetrack Playa (May 15th, 2K4)

Keywords: landform interpretation, navigation, locative media, database, walking art, cognitive maps, global positioning system, geographic information systems, art.

Although there are many resources on orienteering and land navigation ("how to"), very few of these engage in historical, genealogical, or cognitive analysis.(...) Navigation over smaller distances, the matter of how humans navigate in the landscape using tactical landmarks and other opportunistic features for orientation (foliage change, animal trails, geology, human markings such as cairns, shelters, rock art, etc.) via the use of concepts such as mental maps or "cognitive maps" (...) speculate that there is something to be learned from the study landform interpretation, which I view as the analysis of the meaning of land formations relative to human bipedal navigation