[SciFi] Afro-futurism project?

Since I am considering working on a Yet Another Side-Project about the dark hip hop scene (AntiPop Consortium, Cannibal Ox...), I am gathering ideas from various stuff like afro-futurism:Jahsonic proposes a definition:

In his book More Brilliant than the Sun Kodwo Eshun gives a concise summary of Afro-Futurism's history: "AfroFuturism comes from Mark Dery's '93 book [Flame Wars], but the trajectory starts with Mark Sinker. In 1992, Sinker starts writing on Black Science Fiction; that's because he's just been to the States and Greg Tate's been writing a lot about the interface between science fiction and Black Music. Tate wrote this review called 'Yo Hermeneutics' which was a review of David Toop's Rap Attack plus a Houston Baker book, and it was one of the first pieces to lay out this science fiction of black technological music right there. And so anyway Mark went over, spoke to Greg, came back, started writing on Black Science Fiction. He wrote a big piece in The Wire, a really early piece on Black Science Fiction in which he posed this question, asks "What does it mean to be human?" In other words, Mark made the correlation between Blade Runner and slavery, between the idea of alien abduction and the real events of slavery." - Kodwo Eshun [...]