[Blog] Time for blogging

Loic LeMeur has an interesting statement:

Many people who don't get it yet tell me "I don't have the time to read blogs and write one". Do you ask yourself if you have the time to write email, read newspapers and talk to your colleagues in the office ?

Remember when email started, remember how it was painful not to be able to send email to everybody. Many people were saying "I don't have the time" too.

I strongly believe that blogs will just find their way in our daily schedule, there is no reason why getting news of your network and friends would not be considered as part of our daily schedules we all want to spend time on.

I fully agree with this statement. Lots of people asks me how I get enough time to blog... But guys! I don't watch tv nor read newspaper, I read stuff on the web and it is easier to take notes...

Of course, it is related to technology adoption (this nice curve with early adopter at the beginning) and there is always this "I don't have time for this" misunderstanding you mention.

What strikes me is sometimes the way people figure out that blogging or reading blogs is childish. This is a shame since they don't get that is an incredible information channel...