[LifeHack] Social Spreadsheet Concept

According to Marc Lauritsen and David Johnson:

Notes (Lotus Development Corporation) integrates document and database management, forms, e-mail, and related files and applications into a single environment. It has been called a "social spreadsheet."

The concept re-emerged at Supernova in a panel called "The Network is People." with Esther Dyson, Ray Ozzie, Mena Trott, and Christopher Allen as panelists.

How do we make these tools better? If you look at the financial tools, the calculator and the corporate financial system, the spreadsheet was a middle ground where the individual found tremendous power to change the models. In social networks, you've got email on one extreme of the spectrum and complex enterprise workflow, there is a middle ground that is a kind of corporate wiki or something. "It's what I am looking for. If you have it, let me know."