[Research] Getting your socks wet: Augmented Reality Environmental Science

Getting your socks wet! is a cool mobile learning project.

As simulations go from the desktop to portable devices, we hope to harness the unique affordances of handhelds including: (1) portability –can take the computer to different sites and move around within a site; (2) social interactivity – can exchange data and collaborate with other people face to face; (3) context sensitivity– can gather data unique to the current location, environment, and time; (4) connectivity – can connect handhelds to data collection devices, other handhelds, and to a common network; (5) individuality – can provide unique scaffolding that is customized to the individual’s path of investigation. A handheld learning environment might capitalize on this ability to bridge real and virtual worlds resulting in augmented reality simulations, simulations that layer virtual context on top of the real-world.