[Weird] How to use...french toilets

Incredible website about a toilet travelguide. You can learn how to use french toilets. It seems a bit not so up to date :)

1. Close the door and look for a dry place to put your toilet paper. 2. Drop your pants just far enough, keep them up as high as possible. The floor is mostly filthy and wet. 3. Take a seat with your face towards the door. In the floor you'll find two steps to put your feets on. 4. Squat! That means: knees and upper body to the front, and put your bottom backwards. Sometimes there are 'stirrups' to grab with your hands, to help keep your balance. 5. just for the gentlemen: use a hand to point Percy at the porcelain. Let's not be too shy to talk about this - you don't want to wet your trousers and shoes. 6. Do what you have to do and clean your bottom. 7. Put on your clothes again and take your time to let that fade grimace from your face. 8. Don't flush just yet. These toilets have the habit of spraying lots of water over a much larger area than just the toilet to make it clean (mm, clean, anyway, the floor is getting wet). You risk wet feet. So, open the door and flush while you step out.