[MyResearch] Replay tools in video games

I am entering the very field of video games replay tool so that I can extract idea for my own Interaction Analysis in CatchBob!. (which btw has now a google ranking of 67). Here is BWchart meant to analyse the list of actions from Starcraft and Warcraft. Thos games seems to have a community interested in replay tool. Here are few snapshots of this tool:

This replay tool is used by teams to improve their strategies Variables taken into account:

Actions Per Minute = (the number of actions recorded in the replay file / game duration in seconds) * a minute. The first 80 seconds of the game are discarded.

All actions that the BW engine needs to actually replay the game and only those actions. Those actions can be mouse clicks or keyboard based. For example, actions that are recorded:

-selection of a unit or building -moving a unit or lifted terran building -telling a unit to attack, to stop, to hold position, to patrol -telling an scv to mine -casting a spell (psi storm, plague, restore, etc) -training a unit (ex: you have a CC selected and you press 's' to train an SCV) -researching a technology -upgrading anything (terran infantry weapons, armor, etc) -summoning an archon -evolving an hydralisk into a lurker -building an add-on (machine shop, com sat, control tower, etc) -morphing a creep colony into a sunken or spore colony -all hotkeys -etc,etc