[LocativeMedia] Locative Media Misuses: strange statements about them

Let's have a brainstorm about locative media misuses... Location-Based Services to track student who moves school furnitures, used as instrument of terror, to locate specific area to defoliate... Well, it's scary. Locative media could be so powerful that we (with fab and mirweis tried to sketch strange statements about them. Here are misuses of a locative media called XXXX: - XXXX used to find fat boys to spank them with wet t-shirts - 3-months old kitten found alive with XXXX - elderly missuse XXXX as flashlight - XXXX destroyed by french actor gerard depardieu - XXXX users return devices screming "it is an instument of Satan" - scandal: XXXX used by greeks to cheat during the EURO2004 competition - XXXX is the final solution for men who loose their hair - XXXX underused by minorities - God found with XXXX, Jesus still running - a locative media bug provoked an earthquake in taiwan - A 50 years old woman experimented problems using XXXX in a safe-sex social-gaming way - 2 persons found dead with XXXX - KKK meeting coordinated with XXX - XXXX used to locate skid marks in switzerland - hot news : XXXX is expected to have a penis enlarging capability