[LocativeMedia] Asphalt Game: a locative media used as a research probe

Asphalt Games is a locative media game used as a methodological experiment in producing a rich environment for community engagement and social research.

As part of the game, players generate documentation and commentary that traces their paths through the game - and the city. Different views of these traces create a prismatic portrait of urban places as mediated through technology use and social relationships. (...) the game is an effort to help address these questions while raising new ones: - Implications of mixing on and off-line communities in an increasingly connected world. - Identifying opportunities for revitalizing public space. - Investigating issues of identity in relation to place. - Exploring player commitment to location-based play. - Capturing the richness and riskiness of the physical world in game design. - Reworking notions of conventional mapping to include social dynamics.

This is one of the cool picture displayed during a game: