[TheWorld] Social navigation in art

Lyon-based company Artprice now offers a cool social navigation solution!

With 900,000 clients and over a billion internet searches conducted through our site per year, Artprice possesses a unique database which has been gleaned from hundreds of millions of artist search sessions. As of July this year, and after several years of R&D, we are able to systematically process and analyse all of this information using a behavioural art market data bank baptised Artprice Knowledge ®. The first application of this database will be to identify, for any given artist, the other artists his/her clients may be interested in. (...) Clients looking for works by Henri Cartier-Bresson in our data bank will be invited to consult Ansel Easton Adams, Brassaï, Robert Doisneau, André Kertesz and Berenice Abbott. This affinity has been identified on a consensual basis by the millions of art buyers who visit our site.