[Research] Video Surveillance as a gaming platform

Video Surveillance as a gaming platform is a project carried out by Bernd Hitzeroth and Myriel Milicevic at interaction design institute in Ivrea.

Surveillance camera systems work increasingly digital and are connected through Local Area Networks to PCs. This allows for the availability of surveillance footage via the Internet. Through image processing technologies (motion detection, face recognition, colour tracking, mapping 3D space through 2D images) real-time augmentation is now possible. Combined, these technologies can become the basis for an interactive gaming environment. (...) We want to establish a gaming platform, which is based on real time footage, connected to real spaces. The games will be played on home computers and receive live streams from remote surveillance cameras over the Internet. The player becomes an active agent in the surveyed world, experiencing a feeling of control and yet an uncertainty of what is fiction and what is real.