[VideoGame] MMORPG and discourse analysis

I already mentioned her but I've read an interesting paper by Constance A. Steinkuehler :Videogaming as Participation in a Discourse:

The analysis presented here is an initial attempt to explicate the kinds of social and material activities that MMORPGamers routinely participate in and, more specifically, how language functions within such activities. I will first briefly review the context of my research and the data collection and analysis methods I use to get at meaning-making (thus, cognition) in such settings. The remainder of this paper then focuses on the meaning and function of one utterance that occurred on an MMORPG called Lineage, demonstrating how this instance of language-in-use is situated in its particular (virtual) social and material context, tied to the Discourse community of MMORPGamers, and consequential for marking membership in that community.