[Research] About the Can You See Me Now? evaluation

Crabtree, A. (2003) Informing the Evaluation of Can You See Me Now? in Rotterdam: Runners' and Control Room Work. (.pdf) Technical Report Equator-03-004, Equator.

Can You See Me Now? (Flintham et al. 2003) is a mixed reality mobile game where online players are chased and captured by runners located on the physical streets of a city, in this case, in Rotterdam.Interaction between players and runners is supported behind-thescenes by control room staff, who are responsible for managing the technology and (wherever possible) any troubles that occur. The purpose of this study is to inform a broad evaluation of the game’s deployment in the wild, in contrast to in a controlled environment such as the laboratory, for example. (...) Various strategies are employed to evaluate Can You See Me Now? ranging from statistical analysis of computer logs to ethnographic observation of the game’s production, which is the particular focus of this report.