[Locative Media] ISEA stuff

Isea Travelogue is a cool blog about ISEA: pictures, notes...I discovered the cool stuff Ben Russel did:

* Spent the past few months interviewing archaeologists, designers, artists: mapping the space that emerged. * Mapping as an interesting cross media space: combined real and mediated * exploring materiality * performance archaeologists: Capital exchange can only arise through objectness, through our magpie like tendencies of collecting and exchanging * Objects are artifacts, basically anything that is manipulated by a human is an artifact * Metadata: we are starting to describe data more thoroughly, discreetly * Archaologists might have a key ot media theory: Anne Galloway interested in material culture, from an archaeology background * Architectonic space with interesting materiality * Traffic warden can address the real car or the digital car * Googling someone while talking to them * media textures * social spaces * simultaneous addressing * City as computer: leaving food: price engineering using artists: artists are used as price leverage * infrathinic