[MyResearch] Comments on CatchBob

At the workshop about game analysis in Leeds, CatchBob received a good interests and some comments: - cbob definitely need a better communication tool: VoIP, chat... - (paper in ACM about visualization of maps in quake... released this month) - messaging system: broadcast to everyone or to a specific player? - john asked how to deal with frustration/anger with our communication tool - VoIP: barry advised to use 3 ipaqs running skype and a desktop computer that runs a skype session and record the conversation? is it possible to do multiple conference with skype? - oskar made comments about my paper: + the 'spatial feature' thing is unclear (it could be spatial arrangements of chair, topology...), I should really explain this sentence "we are interested in ubiquitous computing games in order to use it as a platform to study how people rely on spatial features in terms of collaborative interactions." + why using ubicomp for this research question? He asked this because he did not understand what I meant with spatial features (so he said that I could use normal psychological task withouth any tech) + he advised me to reformulate my research question, something like: the world can be augmented with information (like location awareness), how this augmentation modifies collaboration? impacts collaborative processes. + he questioned the fact that we extracted lots of data and the unclear research question: we got lots of data, so what? how this relates to the research question. the paper is certainly too dense. + put more references to uncle roy or can you see my now