[MyResearch] List of tasks to study spatial representation

S. Mecklenbräuker, W. Wippich, M. Wagener, and J. Saathoff. Spatial Information and Actions: , An Interdisciplinary Approach to Representing and Processing Spatial Knowledge. Springer-Verlag, London, UK, 1998. In this paper, the authors describes the connections between spatial information and action. Their point is that previously acquired spatial information (i.e. information about locations along a learned route) can be associated with imagined or symbolically performed actions. However, they have not found any evidence that spatial representations are altered by the formation of these associations. The emphasizes the salience of the actions and their connections to the spatial environment.

They also provide the reader with an interesting list of tasks used to study spatial representations: - studying maps of an environment and drawing a map from memory versus giving a verbal description (Taylor and Tversky, 1992) - distance estimation (Rothkegel, Wender, Schumacher, 1998) - orientation and location estimation judgements (Wender, Wagner and Rothkegel, 1997) - navigation task