[MyResearch] Meeting with my phd advisor

My phd outcome should be more than just guidelines: a model, a grammar... How to represent somebody in space: - dot - trace (which length? time past at each point...) - azimuth

My formal model should be: - a standard syntax to represent teams/groups - for instance, it could be interesting to represent how people cross themselves - have a list of spatial group patterns - have a language/grammar to describe people's movement in space

Use "projet laptop"'s data ?

Our data are something like a huge table with lines like: "at hour Y, Z was at (x,y)". From this, we could establish a serie of more abstract concepts. We hence need a model to interprete such data (logfile), to translate then into something meaningful.

To build our model, we will focus on how an individual has a representation of others in space (mutual modeling): what is interesting for humans among all thoses spatial patterns.

Data-driven model (experiment-based)

I should list all the "socio-spatial features": position, trajectory, duration, speed, social facts (convergence/divergence toward a person/an object, copresence, synchronicity)... if persons meets on a regular basis at the cafeteria, if they pass by each other in a corridor, asynchronous copresence...

What I mean with socio-spatial features is all the spatial characteristics related to people's behavior in space. In this case, topology or objects are just spatial features.