[Research] Bartlett MSc Virtual Environment Blog

The MSc Virtual Environments at Bartlett School of graduate studies now has a blog. I am looking forward to read what they deal with.

The MSc/Graduate Diploma Virtual Environments (VE) explores the realm of virtual environments–the creation of functional digital desktop, "augmented" and immersive spaces, building and cities–within an architectural context.

Responding to the impact of virtual worlds and computer technology on the design of the built environment, the course focuses on the development of sophisticated skills and the theoretical basis required by design professionals at the forefront of their fields. The course integrates research undertaken in the Bartlett's VR Centre for the Built Environment into the teaching programme. It is expected that students will contribute to that growing body of knowledge.

They seem to have an interesting course about space:

This module covers the issues of automatic generation of virtual environments and emergent behaviours, including: • Generative modelling • Information Visualisation • Emergent Behaviour in complex systems