[Life Hacks] Napkin Sketch Tips

I often use napkin to draw sketches but I am an awfull drawer. That's why I turned myself to this summary of “Napkin Sketches 101” written by Don Moyer in 360

1. Realize ugly is beautiful. – Crude, ugly and wobbly are okay. If the idea captured is valid, you’ll have time later to make it beautiful. 2. Master the basics. – If you can draw a half-dozen simple shapes you’re ready to take on almost any topic. 3. Use labels. – Include lots of labels and notes so things will make sense to you when reviewed at a later date. 4. Keep it simple. – In general, leave out any detail that will not be missed. 5. Be consistent. – Avoid variations that don’t mean anything. 6. Break some rules. – Don’t worry about keeping things in the “right” scale. 7. Let your arrows speak. – Pointing arrows are the verbs in a napkin sketch. 8. Use the right tools. – Use whatever surface is available – paper, whiteboard, small note-paper etc. 9. Don’t keep the napkin on your lap. – Don’t hide your sketches in a file folder. Make them visible and share them with teammates.