[Work] CSCW course

Today, I worked on the slides for the course about Computer Supported Cooperative Work I am going to give with Pierre. I came up with this simple logo and did some research about the projects we want the students to carry out. I now need to set up the web portal/platform to support the course. we are going to use teamframes, the paltform developed here at CRAFT

The goal of this course is that students become able: • To analyze the impact of a groupware system on the cooperative processes. This requires constructing an experiment and analyzing team interactions with both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques ( project 1) • To specify a groupware system that supports specific teamwork processes. This requires analyzing the process to be supported and understanding the relationship between groupware features (architecture and functionalities) and cooperative processes. ( project 2). To meet this end, we will take roomware design as the example. It's pretty innovative and I think it could be more appealing/motivating than ugly shared whiteboard. Moreover, fast prototyping and participatory design techniques could be nice to use in this context.

Project 1: Comparative analysis of using a collaborative simulation software in two experimental conditions. Each students group has to run experiments with four pairs, one in each conditions. The experiments will be run in CRAFT's laboratory. Students are invited to do themselves she task. The project includes 5 data analyses that have to be delivered on the dates specified in the agenda.

Project 2: Design of a roomware that is a piece of software to be integrated into a table. The project aims first to design and build the table (designing the plane shape and adding standard legs), to run experiments with teams using a plastic whiteboard pasted on the table as well as using their laptops, analysing the video recordings of these experiments an designing the software that could be provide dif the plastic whiteboard was replaced by a computer screen.