[Research] Workshop about Location Awareness (Technical)

Loca2005 is an International Workshop about location and context awareness. It will happen in Munich, Germany, May 12-13, 2005 in cooperation with Pervasive 2005

The goal of this workshop is to address and discuss the technical challenges, ideas, views, and research results in sensing, fusing and distributing location information as well as providing location- and context-awareness to applications and services such as navigation in pervasive systems.

The workshop is a platform to propose new positioning algorithms and location sensing techniques, including new techniques and studies into the properties of existing technologies. This includes enhancements of singular systems (e.g. positioning in cellular telephone networks such as GSM; positioning in WLAN environments; etc.) as well as hybrid systems (e.g. integration of Global Navigation Satellite Systems with Inertial Positioning Systems). Improvements in sensor technology, integration and sensor fusion may be addressed either on a theoretical or on an implementation level.