[Weird] Alison's PantsCam: underwear video feed

What a crazy project! Of course there is nothing to see.

You've always wanted to get into Alison's pants. Now you can do it from the convenience of your own room, through a novel web interface! The heart of the Alison PantsCam is a PC/104 compliant single board computer (SBC). Manufactured by Tri-M Systems, the computer is a low-power 486DX5-133 CPU, complete with a C&T 65550 LCD controller, 4 TTL digital inputs, and a dual card PCMCIA module. Together with its rechargeable 12-volt power supply, the unit weighs less than 800 grams. The entire assembly is strapped to Alison's belt and the camera is inserted in her pants, providing the entire world a constant live video feed of her underwear.