[VideoGames] Lack of innovation in mobile games

I fully agree with Greg Costikiyan's column in Gamasutra about mobile games. He claims that business models killed innovation, even though there are strong technological potential (presence-detection, lbs...).

I got interested in mobile games five years ago, when cell phones capable of supporting games first started to appear. The technology was then primitive, but would clearly improve over time, and I was dissatisfied with the increasing difficulty of getting any kind of innovative game published in the conventional games industry (...) mobile devices offered the opportunity to create a whole new category of media-poor but communication-rich games, quite unlike anything seen before. (...) Virtually all of the mobile games offered today are arcade game retreads, or inferior implementations of game styles that work better on other devices. No new game styles have proven popular; the mobile games industry is basically the same as the conventional industry, writ small. (...) if nothing changes, we have already lost the opportunity to create something novel and interesting in mobile games, and will be stuck, for all time to come, with a grindingly dull appendage to the conventional games industry, based almost entirely on licensed crap.