[MyReseach] Location-awareness of others

"Knowing where the others are" is the underlying topic of my phd. That is why I did this quick brainstorm during the afternoon:

  1. where are my partners/buddies/lover/relatives/colleagues?
    • place: home, work, shop, somebody else's place, third place, in transit or waiting (bus stop)
    • position: infrastructure (on a bridge, in a high-rise), absolute (GPS coordinates, latitude/longitude, place's name) or relative (close to a place, a landmark, someone, someone's place)
    • location feature
      • nature/city
      • inside/outside
      • underground/in the sky/normal
      • reachable or not (through tech like phone)
      • time matters! when was X where?
      • mobile or not (in the train, in the bus or immobile)
      • activity: working/chilling/sleeping/shopping/on holiday/attending an event...
      • scale: where is someone? the group? a device? an avatar?
      • ...
  2. how can I know where they are?
    • ask him/her/them (through a communication tool)
    • ask someone who might know
    • location based service
    • relying on the partner's schedule (probabilty that he/she is somewhere at a certain time)
    • inferring from the partner's habit/behavior/cultural tastes
    • social navigation: look at traces/cues left, modified artifacts, notes, smell...
    • ...
  3. why do I need information about his/her/their whereabouts?
    • to join the other
    • ask him/her a service only available at the other's location ("Bring the bread")
    • surveillance (prison, hospital)... privacy issues!
    • aretaking (kids...)
    • management (a field team like firefighters, the army...) commanded by a coordinator (no located on the field)
    • field coordination: division of labor, adjusting one's behavior, schedule negotiation
    • inferring other's actions, intents or strategies
    • ...

Of course it is a work in progress, then do not hesitate to comment