[Locative Media] site-specific: a course on space/locative media


SITEspecific is a class that will examine the notion of site as a space that is practiced or performed. Digital networks and wireless technologies are shifting the contemporary notion of urban place. As public and private, local and global are collapsed by the infiltration of portable electronics and the invisible boundaries of wireless connectivity, the mapping of the urban environment is increasingly complex. The class will examine the changing notions of urban space as an opportunity for intervention. (...) Each student will work toward a final project in which they create a research process designed to investigate the notion of “site.” Site can be defined broadly, for example, as a set of conditions contributing to an urban phenomena or a specific space in the city. It can also be defined as a blog, e-mail list, or video stream. The research process will develop a notational strategy used for tracking the dynamic of the chosen site. This mapping can be a video, web site, PDA application, database, algorithm, graphic, etc.

There is also a class blog.